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Uranus trine Ascendant

An electric current

Kelli Fox

Your very involvement stimulates both of you! You might have gotten together because of the very fact that a relationship between the two of you is outrageous -- which is exciting, to be sure. But what happens when the outrageousness wears off, acceptance builds and you no longer have this source of excitement to feed you?

Well, you probably just start looking for new ways to spark things up, because excitement runs between you like an electric current. Together you meet new people, progressive people who introduce you to ideas you may never have thought of before -- or ones you may never have had the courage to consider. You relate to each other as friends as well as lovers under the influence of this aspect; you always get into new things together, making big plans that may or may not be carried out. This particular aspect doesn't lend your bond any permanence or stability, though it doesn't necessarily impede those qualities, either; but it does focus the two of you on anything new and untried. If other aspects support a hot sensual bond, this one makes you quite innovative in the bedroom! Its effects also extend outside the bedroom into the rest of your worlds. Expect to have an active social life and an unusual experience every time you get together.

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