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Uranus square North Node

A challenge

Kelli Fox

Your lover has always had a certain idea about where they're going in their life and how they're going to get there. But their involvement with you has completely challenged every idea they've had! You open them up to brand-new ways of thinking, doing and being that could shake up their whole world.

When you're together, they feel as if they've grabbed hold of a live wire -- and they aren't sure whether they can handle it or not! You could come across to them at times as uncaring or unfeeling, because you don't have any tolerance for anything less than bravery and brilliance when you're together. Even if that's uncomfortable for your partner, what an interesting ride it is! You spark an urge for independence in them -- and they should try not to worry about whether that will undermine the stability of your relationship. Your bond teaches both of you something valuable about yourselves and your long-held beliefs. Your lover has probably found that their path in life is somehow in conflict with your most original, independent side. Even when things get tense and challenging as a result, they shouldn't let that stop them! There's a huge amount of new territory for them to discover through this relationship, and they can't expect it to always be comfortable, or even fun; they should only expect their eyes to be opened in a big way. They might even end up completely switching tracks from where they've always thought they were headed.

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