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Uranus square Jupiter

Temperance is needed

Kelli Fox

This is a very dynamic relationship, but in ways that at least challenge you and could make your partner, especially, very uncomfortable. The problem is one of too many ideas coming together and trying to assert themselves. Your lover has strong values and philosophical ideas -- for example, about how their romantic relationships should be structured -- but at least some of those ideas are pretty unique and unusual.

Under your influence, they go back and forth between breaking all the rules and then insisting on adhering to them. It could get dizzying, to say the least! You create a very exciting and spontaneous energy when you're together, but it could prove to be a little too much to handle. Where's that trusty reliability when your partner needs it? Well, it could be hard to find in this relationship. Every day together brings something new and different with it. It's a lot of fun, but your lover can go too far sometimes, and you definitely urge them on and make them think that there's no such thing as going too far. If either of you wants to have anything stable to build on when you're together, you have to find a way to make room for both your more unusual, idealistic views and your partner's more traditional ones. Avoid possessiveness, if at all possible. Making sure you have plenty of room within the relationship helps.

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