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Uranus square Ascendant

Bucking the rules

Kelli Fox

Expect some struggles as a result of this aspect -- because the ways that each of you meets life just don't match up! Your partner is more traditional than you are, willing to follow the rules and work within the bounds of normal society, so to speak. You are much more of a maverick, bucking the rules at every turn, refusing to be held down by convention or expectation!

These differences between you could be very attractive at first, and part of why you get together -- you see something in each other that you lack within yourself. After a while -- or it might not take very long at all -- you both grow very annoyed with your lover's way of doing things. Why can't they just calm down and do things the right way? your lover might think. Why do they always have to test the boundaries, push things to the limit trying to shock me? On your side, you might find yourself wondering with frustration, Why can't they loosen up and break the rules sometimes? Life isn't worth living if you do it by rote! Well, you two have to find a happy medium if you're to make things last, or at least learn to accept and appreciate the different viewpoints each of you brings to the mix. After all, there's a time and place for both methods -- following the rules or breaking them. You become much smarter human beings if you can teach each other which one is appropriate and when.

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