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Uranus sextile Venus

An inspired romance

Kelli Fox

No red roses or chocolates for you two; an impromptu rooftop picnic is much more your style, and you amaze and excite this person with the dates you dream up to take them on. They're attracted in the extreme and you both probably jump into it fast -- and you hit the ground running. Your partner feels as if they've never met anyone like you before, or maybe they've just never been attracted to anyone like you until now.

This is a highly creative and social relationship; you have a lot of fun exploring the mischief you dream up together, and you inspire all kinds of creative ideas in each other. The relationship itself is an interesting and artistic project to work on together. You talk a lot about all your best ideas; in fact, you should capitalize on this creative bent together by working on a creative project as a team. You probably go out a lot -- no staying home, cuddling on the couch together for you two. It's all about doing something new, something exciting, every time. Of course, that's a lot of pressure for a budding relationship. Will your partner be able to keep up with you? Will your relationship have enough stability to last, or will it be just a short-term, really fun fling? Stay tuned! Whichever way it happens, it's a blast while it lasts.

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