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Uranus sextile Uranus

Dare to be different

Kelli Fox

You know all those ideas that you've always thought were just too weird or different to talk about? Well, this relationship and your wide age range gives you the forum to do just that! You encourage all of each other's wackiest, most out-there ideas.

Nothing is going too far. The energy that's created when you're together wows both of you -- you never know what to expect next! You have a lot of fun with this aspect, because it creates a feeling of openness, as if you can say anything, admit your deepest secrets and describe your wildest dreams -- and your lover just wants more. It isn't all about craziness; you also have a decidedly compassionate influence on each other, each encouraging your lover to take a broader view of humanity. Your physical connection is definitely given a boost by this aspect. Talk about creative -- whew! Forget the Kama Sutra or Tantric practices -- you two are off creating your own rhythm. Heck, you probably put your heads together and create a brand-new, one-of-a-kind drum and dance to its beat together. So enjoy it. If other aspects between you are more conventional, reserved or even a little bit dull, this one definitely helps to spark things up between you. You dare to be different together, and you open each other up to brand-new vistas of the world.

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