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Uranus sextile Saturn

Vision and planning

Kelli Fox

Ordinarily, the differences in your personalities might be too much for your partner to handle. They're a more traditional person than you are, and your sense of spontaneity and rebellion runs directly counter to their hardworking, methodical approach to life. But in this particular relationship, your opposing qualities actually work well together.

It is a case of bringing your own gifts to the table, in order to benefit you both as a couple. You're able to strike a creative balance between you that helps in any project you work on together, which definitely includes the relationship itself. You're able to endure a lot of stress together, irritations that could otherwise bring down a less well-aspected relationship. You each bring your own strengths to the relationship when it comes to getting things done: You bring your spontaneous, high-flying creativity and they bring their sensible way of mapping out a plan, and you blend the two strengths into one. Your combined caution and willingness to take risks usually yields great results. So don't pass up the opportunity this relationship presents to you. Tackling problems is your forte as a couple, one that you should use to the best advantage of both of you.

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