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Uranus sextile Midheaven

Calculated risks

Kelli Fox

Lively times! You two have a fresh and original connection that really opens things up for both of you. You love talking about everything -- your work, your ambitions, your ideals -- and you, especially, give your lover plenty of great suggestions as to how they could expand in their career and where to go next.

The focus between you is on not limiting yourselves, on finding ways to draw out the individuality that each of you possesses. If your partner has been conservative in the past about their business dealings or their work, this relationship encourages them to take more risks. They can still use their natural sense of caution to make sure they're calculated risks, but blending caution with innovation really sends them further than they may have gotten on their own. Friends and networking figure large in your relationship; you introduce your partner to important people who could be future clients or customers, and you encourage them to grab hold of those opportunities. You likely have an exciting social life together, one that only increases the romantic excitement and tension between you.

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