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Uranus sextile Jupiter

A lively exchange

Kelli Fox

With this aspect between you, you have a strong friendship that's based in intellectual freedom -- and that's a wonderful complement for a romantic relationship. This person identifies closely with you on an 'idea level.' You talk about everything under the sun, and you often spark them off -- you come up with something exciting and new and you both run with it. Whether you two just have fun with this influence or actually use it in your work or your creative projects is up to you!

Either way, it's a lot of fun, and creates a feeling of friendship and exciting openness between you. You discuss your futures, and your paths should be different enough to create both space and movement for both of you. You encourage each other to follow your dreams, you support each other with optimism and great ideas, but you don't get in each other's way because you're each too busy following your own bliss! You probably get up to some pretty strange and interesting projects together. Your lover might sometimes go too far when they're under the influence of someone as radical as you, so be careful to stay within the bounds of reality. Since freedom and self-expression are the focus of this influence, they shouldn't try to rein themselves in too much; you should both have fun with this aspect and each other, and see where the relationship leads you.

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