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Uranus sextile Ascendant

An exciting sounding board

Kelli Fox

You're both more open-minded than usual when you're together. You bring a fresh and original perspective to your partner's life, which acts on their consciousness like the light of morning, clearing out all the cobwebs and illuminating things they may not even have known were there. The same happens to you.

New and unusual ideas, friends and technologies all increase the pace of the ongoing conversation between you. You love spending time together because there is always something unique and unexpected to talk about and explore. You encourage each other to dream big; there is a feeling between you of the weirder, the better -- but not weirdness just for the sake of being weird. No, the two of you focus on strange and original concepts as a way to actually improve your lives, to reach your dreams. The communication between you is enhanced by this aspect; you love talking everything over and bouncing ideas off each other. Brainstorming is one of your best strengths as a couple, though it might take more the form of talking and talking -- and then finding that your conversation lasts late into the night, and by the wee hours you've covered an unbelievable amount of territory! It's likely that this relationship began in friendship before moving on to something more, and that's a quality that's carried out through the duration of your bond.

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