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Uranus quincunx Uranus

Lost on each other

Kelli Fox

You two probably just don't get each other's flashes of brilliance. You've got quite a generation gap going on. The qualities about you that make each of you an individual, a genius in your own right, are lost on this person -- and that goes both ways.

The funny things that each of you say, the great ideas, the creative approaches to problem-solving, are met with misunderstanding at best, or even irritation. You might even both start to get angry with each other, if you begin to suspect that your partner is just trying to get your goat or if you think they're constantly espousing positions that just aren't plausible. You might start to fight about these issues, because the tension and frustration just mounts up -- but try to stay out of that trap! You just drive each other crazy if you're too critical of each other's ideas without even really understanding them. Instead, why not take a different tack? When your lover says something that you don't get, or makes a suggestion that seems crazy, just go with it. You might find that you end up someplace that you never expected -- someplace good. If you're thrown off track temporarily, what's the big deal? Working this kind of issue through is a great way for both of you to loosen up and enjoy each other a little more, as well as learn to understand others of vastly different ages.

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