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Uranus quincunx Ascendant

Express yourself

Kelli Fox

This aspect probably puts a strain on your relationship. You have trouble with each other because you always push for openness, while your partner wants to stay closed, in self-protection mode. While you might be right -- they'd do better to learn that vulnerability doesn't have to hurt, and exuberance can be a wonderful, joyous mode of self-expression -- any pressure you put on them is likely to push them even further into their shell!

Your independence and flamboyance could actually get on their nerves and cause them to cling even more to their quiet, held-back ways. You two behave very differently, that's for sure. You tend to be like an open book, ready to talk about your feelings, your hopes and fears, to anyone who'll listen. Your partner, on the other hand, is quite the opposite -- not opening up even when encouraged. Well, has either of you ever heard the phrase 'happy medium'? Get acquainted with it! If you can blend your individual approaches to life, you'll both probably be a lot happier. Knowing when it's right to stay cool and calm is definitely a gift, but knowing that it's okay to cut loose once in a while and really express yourself is perhaps an even bigger one. Given time, you probably both start to blend your styles without even realizing it. You could have a very good effect on each other over time.

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