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Uranus opposite Venus

Unpredictable love

Kelli Fox

You're highly attracted to each other, but make sure it's not purely because you excite each other, or that you represent a certain unpredictable quality that they find attractive. Farther into your relationship, you might find that your lover, especially, is disappointed with what your relationship has turned out to be. They have the feeling from the start that things between you are exciting, new, unexpected and unique.

Your dates are fun, spontaneous roller coaster rides that leave them laughing and panting for more. That's all just fine, except they need a grounding influence if either of you wants to keep things at all normal between you! At best, this aspect keeps things interesting, but your lover quickly grows uncomfortable with all the spontaneity and unpredictability. You start to notice that your feelings change toward this person, fast and often. They probably idealize you from the start, which makes it even more difficult for them to deal with the fact that you blow hot and cold. Forget about knowing each other for who you really are. This particular aspect doesn't support a feeling of love between you; instead, its influence is more mental or social. Your partner provokes a certain restlessness in you, an urge for freedom, that could make the relationship feel restrictive to you.

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