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Uranus opposite Uranus

Like a boomerang

Kelli Fox

You might be attracted to each other initially for all the ways in which you're different, including your extreme difference in age. After all, differences can be incredibly attractive -- even erotic. You love it when your lover does something that you never expected; it sparks you up and turn you on.

But after a while, all that unpredictable stuff can start to wear on you. After all, no matter how much either of you might think that you thrive on newness and excitement, you need some downtime sometimes, just to relax and regroup. And during the downtimes, what if you find that you're just not similar enough to make things work? That is a real danger with this aspect. You push each other to be too radical -- which could have the opposite effect, throwing you, like a boomerang, way, far out there and then zooming back to the safety of home. To use another analogy, swinging back and forth to such extremes like a pendulum is no way to live or love! In an intimate relationship, you want to feel like there's a safe harbor for you to come home to. You two have a hard time relying on each other. Your values are opposing and your differences of opinion may stop being so attractive, and might even start sparking arguments.

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