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Uranus opposite South Node

A breath of fresh air

Kelli Fox

You have a big effect on this person's life. You blow into their consciousness and teach them, just by example, all about how they could be living, if they were just bold enough. They've been on a certain path for a while, and they might really need a fresh wind like the one you create for them.

You naturally reveal new ways of doing things, new ways to look at life and the universe, and these ways surprise and even shock this person. They look to you for inspiration in the kind of person they want to be, or at least in the way they want to move forward in life -- boldly and brashly, like you. They probably get some new ideas about their future, and how to go about achieving their goals. The interesting thing about this aspect is the fact that, while it lends your relationship a forward-focus, it is actually based on the distant past. In a past lifetime, you two were intimately involved, and then, as now, you helped this person to wake up and smell their individuality. Perhaps they didn't learn the lesson fully, or maybe they just need a refresher course, because they've come to you in this lifetime again for the same lesson! Don't worry -- it isn't be one that has to be taught consciously, with effort. Just be yourself, and you're naturally a big inspiration to your partner in helping them figure out where they want to go and who they want to be.

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