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Uranus opposite North Node

A paradox

Kelli Fox

Under the influence of this aspect, your relationship is all about challenge and independence, originality and a strange, fascinating focus on the past as a method of finding your way into the future. You instinctively focus when you're together on breaking open your partner's past -- which could actually be a hindrance to them in reaching their goals. After all, what truly matters is what they do now and the plans they make for the future, right?

Not what has already been said and done. You really feel drawn to their past, though, as if there's a lot you can learn from their old life experiences. This could be true, but as already stated, it could hold you back from moving forward. If one of you is less experienced in life than the other, it could foster a feeling between you of mentor and pupil -- which is fine, as long as the mentor is able to pursue their own dreams. But if the pupil takes up too much energy and attention, there could be an imbalance. And who wants to be mentor and pupil in a romantic relationship, anyway? You're lovers, not teacher and student! You should try to be equal and independent, even while you're trying to blend your lives and join forces. Independent doesn't have to mean unreliable or unpredictable. This aspect has a tendency to encourage those qualities, but you're both able to stay steady and dependable -- if you put your minds to it.

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