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Uranus opposite Midheaven

Irritating to the core

Kelli Fox

Lying around on the couch together, vegging in front of the TV or just taking it easy, probably isn't an option between the two of you. Sometimes it's nice to just stay in instead of going out on the town, searching for the next bit of excitement, but this aspect acts like a wild card in your relationship, and could make vegging out together nearly impossible. It's hard to establish a feeling of continuity or trust between you.

You're often out of sync with each other; you want to go paint the town red but your lover wants to enjoy a quiet evening at home. As a result, you just don't know what to expect, and things definitely go awry when you least expect it. Your lover could feel as if you don't understand their needs for emotional security within the relationship, which, needless to say, could foster some bad feelings on both sides. Arguments could result, or you might just rebel against each other's idea of a fun evening by skipping out on each other. Your families could have a hard time dealing with you as the love interest in their darling's life. It could start to seem like finding an easy rhythm between you is impossible, because establishing a real, durable emotional bond is so hard.

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