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Uranus conjunct Sun

Unique and unpredictable

Kelli Fox

This person falls hard and fast! They've been infatuated with you from the start, and those feelings are likely only to grow. You just seem so new to them -- so different -- and you bring unique perspectives, ideas and experiences to the relationship.

This feeling of newness isn't likely to wear off anytime soon, either. Heightening the excitement and tension is the fact that you don't ever seem completely committed to or fully involved in the relationship. Periods of intense togetherness and awe-inspiring intimacy are followed by periods of detachment, during which your partner might even feel so separate from you that they feel as if you're strangers. Even despite these fluctuations, though, they want to hang onto this relationship, because it just gives them such a rush! How could these powerful feelings not be leading toward something amazing, something enlightening, something that expands their consciousness in a way they never dreamed of? Well, it doesn't necessarily do that; it could be that your relationship is simply unstable. But the likelihood is high that you introduce this person to many new ideas about themselves and the world around them. You're very social together, and you introduce them to people they might otherwise never have spent time with. Even if this relationship doesn't end up lasting long term, your partner, at least, comes away feeling as though the experience was worth it. If it is long-term, those feelings of excitement carry them through the downtimes.

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