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Uranus conjunct South Node

Rebel hearts

Kelli Fox

Under the influence of this aspect, your relationship is all about challenge and independence, originality and a strange, fascinating focus on your lover's past that helps them find their way into the future. You really feel drawn to each other from the start, because on an unconscious level, you both recognize that you've been through this before, together. Not in this lifetime, but in a past life, you were lovers who fought side by side for a cause, and you have an opportunity to come together again in this life to finish things off.

There is a particular cause that matters to you as a couple. You might have found it right off -- it might be part of what brought you together in the first place -- or it may come up later in the relationship, when you've gotten to know each other even better. Either way, your relationship is infused with a feeling of newness and unexpectedness, even despite that sense of familiarity. You inspire a lot of creativity and inventiveness in each other; you, especially, push your partner to be the rebel that lives inside them already! Your friends actually might have a reason or two to question this relationship, because it's definitely leading you someplace no one expects -- least of all you.

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