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Uranus conjunct Saturn

A grounded idealism

Kelli Fox

The temperamental differences between you might seem destined to put you on opposite sides of the fence: Where your partner holds to tradition, you are radical, even rebellious; where they're hardworking and methodical, you're creative and spontaneous. In this relationship, these seemingly opposed qualities work as long as you both recognize where your biggest differences lie, and take them as a learning experience rather than a divisive one. After all, any project you work on together, including the relationship itself, definitely benefits from the combination of that spontaneous, high-flying creativity paired up with that sensible way of mapping out a plan of attack; that natural sense of caution blended with that willingness to take risks.

Practicality paired with vision can be one of the strongest teams around, and that's just what the two of you could be together. Your partner might tend toward anxiety or even depression regarding security, whether it's emotional, financial or something else; but you are able to act as a good example of independence and carefree energy. In return, your partner adds a necessary balance to your sometimes off-the-wall ideas. So don't pass up the opportunity this relationship presents you.

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