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Uranus conjunct North Node

Sheer brilliance

Kelli Fox

The most original ideas and impulses that you have can serve as inspiration to your partner in finding their own way in life. The two of you focus on where you're going -- both in the relationship and in your own individual lives. This aspect creates a strong feeling of awe and energy between you -- an exciting energy that could be a bit unstable.

But for the purposes of this relationship, that's okay! You might not have come into your partner's life to promote a sense of security as much as to shake up their vision of what's possible. After all the time you've spent together at this point, they've likely completely revise their goals, or how they've always thought they'd reach them. In fact, they could feel exhilarated when you're together, as if they've found in you their own, personal prophet, someone who juices them up and gets them moving, thinking, creating! Your sheer brilliance shines like a beacon to them, and they follow your light with excitement. This particular aspect could have something to do with science or technology -- you might push your partner to expand in these areas if it will further their career or personal goals. This aspect in itself doesn't contribute to the longevity of your relationship, but it doesn't hurt it, either. It just sparks things up between you and opens both of you up to brand-new possibilities.

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