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Uranus conjunct Neptune

A creative union

Kelli Fox

This aspect's influence is intense for both of you. You could both feel as if you're on the verge of something when you're together -- a wild new idea, the realization of a lifelong fantasy -- and, in truth, you probably are. Your partner's deepest, most abstract ideals, the ones they've probably kept to themselves for the most part out of nervousness that no one can understand them, finds radical form and expression in this relationship.

And on your side, your creativity is enhanced; your spirituality grows by leaps and bounds. If you two haven't yet, you could both become artistic geniuses! No, really. Your wildest ideas and dreams suddenly come true, given expression by your partner. You both have the feeling that anything is possible, as long as you're together. You can plan whole empires together! If there are a lot of communication-related aspects between you, you probably stay up late, talking about everything that comes into your heads, and you wake up early to compare notes on your dreams. You can't be all talk, though; you're a union of thought and action, of rebellion and idealism, of abstraction and making things concrete. You feel as if, together, you're creating your own future.

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