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Uranus conjunct Midheaven


Kelli Fox

Whatever work your lover does, they can expect to have it shaken up and even turned on its ear -- in a good way! -- through the course of this relationship. You bring a powerfully original influence to their life; in some way, you stir up their most creative and unusual ideas regarding their work and career.

Ideas just light up like a bulb whenever you're together. Unexpected things happen when you get together; it seems like uncanny luck when, again and again, you find yourselves together at the right place and time to take advantage of some business opportunity that just pops up out of nowhere. But it isn't magic -- it's that amazing energy that crackles between you! You introduce your lover to influential people who can help them further their career, and when you talk together about their work, you help them brainstorm and even have breakthroughs. Whenever they're having a problem at work, if their thinking is stagnant or it seems like they've hit a wall creatively, they should bring it home -- you effortlessly show them a whole new angle they've never even considered. This might be a very abstract angle that needs to be rooted in the concrete, but that's okay -- at least it gets their mind moving again! They should be aware that these lightning bolts of creativity are unpredictable at best; it's always a good idea to test the viability of an idea before committing to it wholeheartedly.

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