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Uranus conjunct Juno

Mapping the human heart

Kelli Fox

Will you -- or did you -- two end up suddenly eloping and running off into the sunset together? You just might, because with this aspect between you, a long-term connection is a real possibility, even though you don't do anything in a straightforward or traditional manner! What's important to you in your search for a love that lasts is individuality, and intuition.

You're willing to feel things out and see if someone is right for you, even if they don't necessarily fit your idea of what you're looking for right off. Other people's ideas of what's right for you when it comes to love definitely don't matter to you; you're on a journey, and you only do what's right for you. So tell anyone who's meddling in your love life to butt out! After all, this relationship might be the one you've been looking for all along. You learn that looks can be deceiving, and preconceived notions might as well get tossed out the window at the first opportunity! Because it just isn't ending up to be anything that you expected. It's better. Excitement and freedom punctuate your deep and tender feelings for each other; together, you commit yourselves to each other, but also to a brand-new, unconventional way of loving. You aren't tied down by ideas of 'should' or 'supposed to'; you make your own map of the human heart, and you follow it together.

Uranus conjunct Juno in the Composite Chart

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