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Sun trine Uranus

Room to be yourself

Kelli Fox

In this relationship, you two can focus on being yourselves, fully and completely. What a refreshing change from so many of the other, more repressive relationships in your life! This partnership really encourages you to be who you are -- to be your own person and realize yourself as a dynamic, independent human being.

This relationship is highly creative for you and a lot of fun; there is a sense of discovery and excitement that drives you to reach further into your own consciousness than ever before. You can talk about all your cutting edge ideas and your lover gives form to your ways of thinking. Individuality is highlighted here, in the best way. You're certainly able to form a close and intimate bond, if you want to; but neither of you would ever do it at the expense of the other. You both have plenty in common, but you also recognize and -- most importantly -- appreciate the differences between you. Your life is creatively enhanced in some way by this relationship, whether on a personal or a professional level. It may be through networking -- you two are probably be quite social together, going out to see and be seen -- or it could simply be through bringing your ideas to your partner and allowing them to help you brainstorm, to make them even better and more unique. Either way, expect to be enlightened.

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