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Sun trine Moon

A natural rapport

Kelli Fox

You two probably hit it off right away, feeling very comfortable in one another's presence and sensing a natural affinity from the start. Since then, you've found that conversation just flows between you, and you make one another laugh and excite one another with the new ideas that each of you will bring to the table. You two feel a sense of understanding and rapport, because you're naturally attuned emotionally.

Your creativity is enhanced through this relationship because you're able to support one another so well. Emotionally or professionally or both, you inspire one another; through communicating with each other, you feel creatively stimulated and come up with bigger and better ideas, maybe more so than ever before. You're both individuals, of course; you have a naturally more dominant personality, and provide the energy and excitement that drives those big ideas, while your partner is naturally more sympathetic and able to provide more encouragement and intuitive support. But really, you each support the other in your own ways. This has the potential to grow so comfortable, in fact, that you might end up taking one another for granted -- if you don't already. This should be carefully avoided! Though it's easy to settle into a groove together emotionally, relying on one another for that natural rapport that you've both come to expect, you should both strive to remember that your connection, though seemingly effortless, is a gift to be cherished.

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