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Sun trine Midheaven

Good, hard work

Kelli Fox

Each of you is an individual with some important ambitions regarding the work that you do or want to do that's most important to you. Whether this is to be a professional career, volunteer work or even something like preaching in a church or teaching swimming lessons to children, you each have a calling that you want to pursue. Your lover's relationship with you actually helps them pursue their goals, even if you're on two completely different career tracks.

They talk about their ambitions with you more and more as the relationship progresses, and almost without noticing it, they start to lean on you in that way -- trusting in your advice and always wanting to hear your perspective on any problems or opportunities that come up. You're their advocate and self-appointed representative. At parties, you talk up your lover's work, and whenever you encounter someone that you think could be good for them in a professional sphere, you even do networking for them -- you get that phone number or email address for your lover to add to their professional address book for present or future use. You're really a creative team together, and as long as you make sure to motivate each other in pursuing your life's most important work, you really derive a lot of great benefits from this relationship.

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