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Sun trine Mars

Creative passion

Kelli Fox

Your bond is a passionate, positive and enthusiastic one for both of you! When you're together, you feel confident and excited, and you can sense that your individual energies are heightened and focused by the relationship between you. You've had a strong physical bond from the start , and you're still highly attracted, even hungry for each other.

Big ideas abound between you, and together you have a highly increased level of problem-solving ability. Because your combined energies are so creative and directed, you might find that you're suited to be business partners as well as as lovers, because you motivate and inspire one another to such new heights. Alternatively, you might find projects to work on as a team within the romantic relationship -- like raising kids or pets, refinishing furniture for your house or planning out and planting a garden together. Regardless of your relationship's status, you can both expect to be wowed by the projects you tackle together. Anything physical and active is the name of the game! Playing sports together or traveling -- especially active vacations, like hiking through the mountains or camping out -- could also be great ways to focus the abundance of energy that exists between you. Just don't sell yourselves short -- your connection is meant for creative action. To keep your relationship going strong, work on projects together.

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