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Sun trine Jupiter

Big plans for success

Kelli Fox

You've both had an instinctive idea of what's good for each of you and the relationship from the very start! Even if there are other more troublesome aspects between you, this one can help warm things up and stabilize your bond. This relationship is one that's characterized by growth and success.

If you haven't already, you'll find you both go through some changes as individuals that can only be brought about through your connection with each other. These changes could be internal -- perhaps you were struggling with some aspect of your personality or your past -- or they could exist outside the normal scope of your romantic connection. For example, during the course of the relationship, one of you might choose to go back to school, or you might change jobs in order to move onto a career path that is more closely aligned with the type of person you want to become. These kinds of major life changes are supported by this relationship, as you're each able to offer one another a type of unconditional support and encouragement that makes both of you feel optimistic, even lucky, as if you can't go wrong. You should discuss all the changes you're undergoing with each other, and listen with an open heart and an avid ear. This aspect lends a foundation of friendship to your romantic relationship that helps you make it last long-term.

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