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Sun trine Ascendant

A positive focus

Kelli Fox

You're really similar in some basic ways, and that fact has been clear to both of you right off. Your lives and experiences are of great interest to one another, and you find that you actually have something to teach each other from your own experiences. Your interests in life, though they may be different, are also of interest to each other.

You're usually right there on the sidelines, cheering each other on, when one of you has an important dinner function with the boss or accepts an award or takes on a new job... Whatever it is that each of you is interested in doing, you're both into it. However you see yourself, your lover also sees you in that same way, and gives you a lot of great mirroring and feedback that builds your confidence; and you do the same for them. As your relationship progresses, you'll blend your lives more and more, taking classes or joining sports teams together or otherwise pursuing common interests. The only pitfall here could be in that things will be so smooth between you, you'll start to take one another for granted. You both need to consciously keep your energy and enthusiasm up when you're together, to keep finding ways to stay challenged and engaged in the relationship.

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