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Sun square Uranus

Unpredictable at best

Kelli Fox

One word describes your relationship: conflict. At first it was probably infrequent or mild, but as your involvement deepened, you probably found yourselves going head to head more and more often. You two have some basic and important differences when it comes to how life should be lived, and these differences take center stage every time you try to take your relationship to the next level.

You take on the image of being overly traditional, even boring, and your lover takes on the image of being unstable and irresponsible -- and possibly even crazy. You likely fight over issues of responsibility, ethics, intimacy and everything else that's important to you. If you're lucky, these arguments take on a humorous cast, and you're able to laugh at yourselves and each other. But it's much more likely that they're painful disagreements that cut into both your souls. Part of the problem is that you truly live by your code of ethics, while your partner's morals are more abstract and changeable. You can see how this can be threatening to both of you, and how it can lead to disappointments on both sides. The further problem is that, through arguing your own point of view, each of you is subtly trying to dominate the other -- and that leads to some major clashes. This is a very unstable and difficult aspect to deal with in a relationship, and it will take plenty of patience on both your parts to get through it.

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