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Sun square South Node

Dreams of battle

Kelli Fox

When you two became involved, you may have noticed that you started having weird dreams -- dreams of aggravation or even aggression, from which you'd wake up feeling as if you fought some sort of battle and didn't necessarily get anywhere -- take it as a sign of this aspect's influence at work. You feel familiar to each other; you may have even had a sense of deja vu when you first met, as if you've met before. And in fact, you probably have.

In a past life, you were connected -- unfortunately, probably as parent and child. It's unfortunate because that's not the most fun karmic debt to pay out in a romantic relationship! You may have noticed that you don't regard each other as equals. You, especially, will take on the authoritative role more and more, deciding where to go out and what to do, and having a generally authoritative effect on things. In your partner -- the 'child' -- this will elicit feelings of rebellion, of restriction and dampened spirits. You may struggle against each other, fighting, whether silently or overtly, over control of the relationship and of yourselves, like a parent with a particularly unruly teenager (or a teenager with an overly protective parent). Depending on other aspects, this one's influence may not be all that noticeable; you might just notice that you feel aggravated when you're together, and that any little indication that you're trying to control your partner or the relationship will get under their skin in a big way.

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