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Sun square Neptune

An elusive problem

Kelli Fox

There is something mysterious, even confusing between you that will always obscure something more important -- your partner's true feelings for you, perhaps, or their identity as an individual. It might be that you simply can't see them for the person that they truly are, because something below the emotional surface of your relationship muddies your view. This is as difficult to pinpoint as it is to understand, but the effects are felt by both of you.

Your lover might have hurt feelings that they refuse to talk about, and they'll insist everything is fine, even though both of you know that's not true. Or they might make a judgment of you -- not a positive one -- and even though they'll insist they're not being judgmental, the effects will be felt just the same. In some way, there are hidden emotional influences that affect your relationship, and you both have a hard time bringing them to light. The normal methods of doing so -- verbal communication, even professional counseling -- might not do the trick. The best way to deal with this confusing, elusive energy might be simply to withstand the confusion while making sure that each of you asserts yourself as an individual. The danger here is that one or both of you might submerge parts of your personality in deference to the relationship, but that's not the right thing to do. Being yourselves, as honest and straightforward as possible, will help.

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