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Sun square Moon

Emotionally out of sync

Kelli Fox

You don't have much potential to be emotionally attuned to each other, and you may each find it difficult to understand where the other is coming from. Regardless of the origins of your differences, the result is that sensitivity and hurt feelings could abound between you. You could find yourselves arguing or suffering wounded silences on a regular basis.

Your partner is naturally more sensitive than you tend to be, and takes little things that happen between you too seriously, while you could come across as emotionally insensitive, inconsiderate or even domineering. In order to make this relationship mutually satisfying, you each face a difficult task. Your partner has to strive to learn that what appears to be insensitivity is more likely to be simply a different way of approaching the world. Similarly, you have to learn to respect that sensitive nature and try hard not to trample on your lover's feelings. The relationship can be easily damaged beyond repair if you both allow the hurt feelings to grow unchecked, but when you take care to address problems as they arise, in a calm and gentle manner, you two are able to get through the worst of them and could even emerge to a new level of understanding. Though it takes considerable work, you could even break out of some lifelong emotional patterns that have not served you for some time.

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