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Sun square Ascendant

A Zen-like attitude

Kelli Fox

The differences between you come to light more and more as the relationship progresses, and may cause some frustration for both of you. Crises arise between you -- moments of difficulty that force you to make difficult choices, ones that affect the relationship. If you both really want the relationship to last and to work out for both of you, you are able to overcome this obstacle, but it takes a concerted effort on both your parts to communicate clearly about your differences and to accept those differences within yourselves.

It may be difficult to do so; it's only natural that, when confronted with a personality that expresses itself completely differently than our own, or has a set of moral values that goes against our own, our instinct is to reject that personality or code. That is exactly what goes on between you -- at times, you may look at each other and wonder, Who is this person? And why am I with them? You may find that you rarely agree on the right way to get anything done, be it making plans for a fun day or cleaning the house or anything else that comes up on a day-to-day basis. You have to access your inner Zen master in order to move through this problem! If you try to focus on your similarities rather than your differences, you may be able to find enough common ground to work from.

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