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Sun sextile Uranus

Wild and wonderful

Kelli Fox

A lively sense of energy, fun, excitement and uniqueness pervades your relationship! You were both attracted to the other in the first place because you sensed a kindred soul -- someone who as unique as you, and who needs as much space as you do within an intimate relationship. You recognize in each other that here is a person who will be able to give form and expression to your weirdest, most wonderful ideas.

You two are highly creative together. That could take the form of sitting in a coffee shop together, drawing in blank books, erotic encounters, staying up all night discussing your philosophies of life or even starting a business together -- the options are endless! Even more, your partner inspires you to new levels in your thinking, and they help give form to your thoughts. There is a lot of lively and intelligent conversation between you, because you're both open to anything the other serves up -- no matter how out-there it might seem. Nothing is too strange for you two; your lover actually encourages unusual and exotic thinking in you, and because you're both on a path toward enlightenment, you're able to support that quest in one another.

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