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Sun sextile Sun

A supportive connection

Kelli Fox

What fun! You two have responded well to each other from the very start. Your individual natures are complementary, but not overly similar.

Translation? You're able to appreciate one another's strengths, make up for one another's weaknesses and still maintain your own individuality that is so essential to a healthy soul, as well as a healthy relationship. This is all fine for a casual relationship, but it also means that your more serious relationship has the potential to just keep getting better, due to that naturally strong rapport and understanding. There is a real and powerful feeling of optimism created when you're together, possibly greater than any similar feeling you can create on your own. You instinctively trust one another and inspire one another to new heights of creativity. Whatever your ambitions are as an individual, a relationship between you enhances those ambitions and may develop them further than is possible on your own. You encourage each other in all your endeavors, both personal and professional. At base, you make good and supportive friends to one another, and you both value that friendship. What a wonderful foundation for a romantic relationship! You're able to rely on each other during the tough times that inevitably arise in your own lives, and your friendship can endure any tough times that the relationship will go through.

Sun sextile Sun in the Transit Chart

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