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Sun sextile South Node

Relying on each other

Kelli Fox

You two were connected in a past life, probably as parent and child. Though that may not sound like the most fun karmic debt to pay out in a romantic relationship, you actually do have a lot to learn from each other in this lifetime! And the lessons will be easy.

Through the course of your relationship, you depend on each other more and more. You look to each other for guidance and advice, and you come to each other for comfort, as a safe haven out in the storm of life. A feeling of understanding and protectiveness will grow each year between you, especially if other aspects between you support this. You really look out for each other, worrying when one of you is away on a trip, glad when you're both home together. You give each other advice about everything -- your careers, your relationships with your friends and family. Any issues that come up for either of you will be brought to the relationship to be aired out, inspected and dealt with. But if you want to get the maximum benefits of this aspect -- and there are a lot -- don't take a passive role. Instead of sitting back and waiting for all that good advice to roll over you, get proactive -- apply it to your own life, and live by the advice you preach. You both stand to learn a great deal about yourselves in this relationship, and to resolve some old karmic debts.

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