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Sun sextile North Node

Guidance and support

Kelli Fox

If you sensed from the beginning that you two had come together for a reason, you were probably right! You add a lot to your lover's life, and you provide guidance and support to the path that they follow as an individual. You can be a positive influence on them, if you consciously offer them support and encouragement.

Even your subconscious efforts can be realized! You act as inspiration to your lover; any act on your own part to realize your own dreams, any effort to be the person you truly are and to follow your true path serves as a boost to your lover. Every effort that you make to be your own person will actually benefit your lover and the relationship, as counterintuitive as that might seem. You are naturally more willing and able to do this than they are, so you can act as a role model for your partner, who wants to become their own person but may not know how to assert their individuality in a positive way. The good news is, despite this focus on each of you following your own path, your experiences in this relationship will continue to escape becoming selfish or self-serving; your chances to maintain this strong bond as a couple are high, and encouragement, generosity and simple love also play a large part in your growth as individuals through the course of the relationship.

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