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Sun sextile Neptune

A spiritual bond

Kelli Fox

Your bond was really romantic, right from the start! Your lover's soul somehow instinctively recognized yours, and you still bond on an emotional and spiritual level that brings a sense of dreamy connectedness to your relationship. With an aspect like this one working in your favor, falling in love probably happened quickly!

Your communication is enhanced, because you connect on a nonverbal level. You have wonderful conversations, of course, but you also share companionable silences during which your lover knows exactly what you're thinking. They're able to intuit your moods and they treat you with a great deal of sensitivity. This relationship is very inspiring to you, both spiritually and creatively. You both feel spiritually elevated by the bond you share with one another. You're able to use this inspiration in a private way, as well, learning from one another about how to grow as individuals. Because your lover, especially, gets so much out of this relationship, they're willing to put a lot in. They make plenty of sacrifices for you, but not at the expense of any resource they can't afford or that they regret giving up. Quite the opposite, in fact -- they want to make those sacrifices, offering them in honor of the bond you share.

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