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Sun sextile Mars

A dynamic duo

Kelli Fox

This isn't any ordinary, sweet, retiring connection! The relationship between you two is characterized by making plans and carrying them out as a team. There is lots of natural energy between you; in fact, together, you create an energy that doesn't exist for either of you alone.

Your focus is on putting that energy to use. Instead of just a sweet, romantic couple, you are a powerhouse duo with big ideas for improving the world and your station in it! When you're together, you're truly able to shine as individuals. Your confidence and enthusiasm increases exponentially when you're in each other's company, because you give one another such a high level of support and encouragement. You might want to try to start some sort of business or other enterprise together, as well as being a romantic couple, because you're so creative and impassioned as a team. Alternatively, the enterprise between you could turn out to be, simply, a new life -- buying a house and renovating it together, perhaps, or starting a family. After all, the sexual charge between you is strong and hot! And being creative together can have more than one meaning. However you do it, this is a dynamic influence that enables both of you to accomplish most anything you put your minds to, as long as you work on it together, with clear communication and optimism.

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