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Sun sextile Jupiter

The sky is the limit

Kelli Fox

You derive a feeling of expansiveness and optimism from this relationship. As individuals, you might both be very positive, forward-thinking people, but when you're together, that influence grows exponentially! You each feel as if the sky's the limit -- as if there's an endless horizon of new experiences and lessons to be learned.

Happily, this isn't be all about the drudgery and tedium of learning; far from it. Rather, it's about the joy of inner growth, of becoming the person you truly are -- the person you always suspected you could be. You each offer the other unconditional support and encouragement that fosters some highly positive energy. They encourage you to be your truest, kindest, most honest self, and they admire these qualities in you. You might move the relationship outside the bounds of a simple romantic connection by taking classes together to learn a new skill, or even by starting a business together or undertaking some other enterprise. At the very least, you can read to one another in bed or on long trips; you can share funny stories you heard, or heartbreaking ones you read in the paper; you can go to movies that make you laugh, cry and stay up late into the night, discussing the boundless possibilities that the universe has to offer.

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