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Sun quincunx Sun

A difficult task

Kelli Fox

Unless you share other planets in common that support an easier, stronger connection, you may find that this relationship is more difficult than it's worth. You come from such different places, either literally or figuratively. Though you may hold one another in very high regard, you've found that lots of times, for some unknown reason, your communication seems tense at best.

You might feel as if you're running up against a brick wall when trying to make yourself understood by the other person. It isn't the fault of either of you, not really; there is simply a basic incompatibility between your natures that means it takes a lot of work to make things flow smoothly. You've noticed that you rarely share the same opinion or viewpoint on a subject, and when you try to talk about your feelings, you're unable to listen calmly, because every difference between you feels like an attack on your very nature as an individual -- or even on your soul. These misunderstandings arise from ego conflicts that neither of you have a great deal of control over. What you are able to control, however, is how you view the situation. You have the power to consciously choose to view your differences as, simply, the way you are -- not something that needs to be changed, but something that can be appreciated. Clear, open and nonjudgmental communication is necessary to make this work.

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