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Sun quincunx South Node

Like parent and child

Kelli Fox

In a past life, you were closely connected, but the unfortunate thing is, it was probably as parent and child. That's not the best connection to be revisiting in the present when you're in a romantic relationship because that old feeling of a struggle for authority or a rebellion against it will still be there between you, subtle but real. You will probably respond by trying to take control of the relationship in a way that will make your partner feel resentful or just rebellious.

If you say, 'We're going out to this restaurant tonight,' your rebellious partner will respond, 'Nope, I want to go to this other place' -- and there you go. Arguments could ensue, or just feelings of resentment on both sides -- after a while, you'll both be wondering, why won't they just let me make a decision once in a while? Needless to say, this kind of challenging influence can really be a damper on the rest of the relationship, and it will bring out whatever negative effects other challenging aspects might have. If other aspects indicate that resentment and arguments might be an issue between you, this aspect will make that tendency more pronounced.

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