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Sun quincunx Juno

It takes two to tango

Kelli Fox

This aspect sets things up, but leaves the hard work up to you. You are drawn to each other, but sometimes you might look at each other and wonder why, exactly, you ever got involved. Your lover might feel from time to time as if you're selfish -- as if your needs always come first, and theirs are put on the back burner as a result.

It's true in any relationship, even the best ones, that it's difficult to create a healthy balance between our own needs as an individual and those of the relationship or of our partner. The truth is, all of us are selfish at least some of the time; in fact, a certain amount of selfishness can be healthy, even if, on the outside, it may not look like the best thing for the relationship. These are the kinds of choices that will need to be made, balancing acts that will need to be perfected on a daily basis. If your lover feels as though they're really being neglected in your love relationship, they will have to take a certain amount of responsibility for letting it happen. After all, it takes two to tango, as they say! Are they voluntarily allowing themselves to be overlooked, or even willingly subverting their needs in favor of meeting yours? If you can learn to talk to each other and to respect what your partner tells you about their needs and their feelings, you'll stand a strong chance of making that long-term commitment last.

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