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Sun opposite Saturn

A heavy energy

Kelli Fox

The fact that you've managed to cultivate any type of relationship means there's a very good chance you could keep going and going -- but that won't necessarily be an easy thing, unless you can both do the hard work it takes to learn and grow, as individuals and as a couple. The problem between you shows up as a heavy energy, a certain level of control, possibly even guilt, that simultaneously binds you two together and drags both of you down. Your partner likely feels more vulnerable and may take the role of the more dominant partner in response.

Instead of using love, trust and support as the glue that binds you as a couple, they fall back on fear, guilt and control. The relationship likely moved slowly at first, but your bond has probably deepened over time, leaving you both feeling more and more devoted. However, where trust should have been deepening, you may find that a block prevents that from happening. You represent all the qualities that make your lover the most insecure -- personal strength, individuality, ambition, independence -- and they respond either by clinging or by withdrawing. This relationship stands a strong chance of becoming all about responsibility and duty, in the heaviest sense, if it hasn't already. Even though this sounds bad, you both have control over it. Gently but firmly resisting any attempts to control through fear or guilt is important, as is facing down any insecurities that arise and withstanding the resulting feelings of vulnerability.

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