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Sun opposite Mars

A volatile connection

Kelli Fox

Unless there are many other strong, positive aspects to your relationship that will strengthen a feeling of support and understanding between you, this aspect could eventually be the deal-breaker. The problem is a certain level of natural irritation that occurs when you're together: You just get under each other's skin on a variety of levels. The energy that is created when you're in one another's company can run hot and high; it can stimulate quite a powerful physical attraction between you, and make you each downright hungry for the other.

The likelihood is also that you're a couple who argues passionately and then kisses and makes up even more passionately. This can be quite exciting, but it's not a great influence for a long-term bond. It's hard to sustain a feeling of trust and support with someone who seems to challenge you at every turn, and this is likely how your partner seems to you -- regardless of good intentions. Both of you feel that your own individuality and ego are at war here; any disagreement will feel like a personal attack. You each fight to defend yourselves, and you may not even stop to consider whether this is a battle that really needs to be fought. In order to avoid the pointless flare-ups that could become commonplace between you, you'll both need a highly positive attitude -- or simple acceptance that you have a hard time staying calm when you're together.

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