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Sun opposite Ascendant

The missing piece

Kelli Fox

You share an uncommonly positive bond as long as you two let each other be the unique people that you are. You enhance one another's lives and find that your connection is very important to both of you. Respecting each other's individuality is key, and it may not be easy.

Of course, you feel the natural urge to identify with each other, which could mean submerging parts of your own personality for the sake of the union; and, also naturally, you both project your own needs and ideals onto one another. The real trick in a relationship is to get to the point where you can truly see the other person for the individual that they are -- and appreciate them for all their differences, as well as their similarities. This shouldn't be too difficult for you two; as you instinctively recognize that you complement one another in some important ways. You're able to bring a certain energy and vitality to one another's lives that will encourage each of you to be even more yourself within the relationship, and this is a good thing. Just make sure that both of you take plenty of alone time, especially as your relationship deepens and progresses. Your urge might be to bond to the point of codependency, which would really be selling out both of you. Instead, try to allow yourselves and each other plenty of room to be authentic. If you're able to do so, this bond could last a long time.

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