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Sun conjunct Venus

A strong attraction

Kelli Fox

You feel a lot of love for each other, and have right from the start! You may even have experienced love at first sight. There's a naturally high level of attraction between you, a current of romantic energy and awareness that fosters a fun, exciting involvement for both of you.

This aspect lends your relationship long-term potential, and it helps to warm up any other aspects between you that might be less romantic or closely attached. Your romantic feelings for each other have been strong from the beginning, heightened by what feels like a magnetic pull between you. You feel drawn to each other, and even when you're together, neither of you feels as though you can get enough of the other. You touch a lot. You two embrace, stare into one another's eyes and share your deepest, most tender feelings, and still you want to be closer! These feelings are heightened by a general sense of goodwill and mutual pleasuring. You get along well, you both consider the other to be your good friend and you admire each other's wonderful qualities. You are devoted to one another, a feeling that strengthens your bond and your commitment. That strong feeling of attachment and intimacy can help you get through any disagreements or misunderstandings that may crop up.

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