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Sun conjunct Saturn

It's a commitment thing

Kelli Fox

Yours was probably a serious relationship right from the start. Somehow, when they met you, your lover felt instinctively that this could easily be a long-term connection, and they set right out in making that commitment and doing what they could to get you two settling down together -- you two may have even bypassed some of the fun stages! Even if you're just dating, your partner likely has a sobering effect on you.

If you're in a less stable position in life than they are -- younger, for example, or still in school or with a smaller income -- they can't resist offering you plenty of comments and suggestions about how to get on the right track. The problem is, this can come across as criticism, especially since they're already naturally the more authoritative partner. Each of us needs to find our own path in life, and if we're trying to do so while under the scrutiny of someone whose opinion really matters to us, it can make the process that much more difficult. Duty and responsibility weigh heavily in this relationship, which can sometimes be difficult to bear. On the other hand, it probably comes as a great relief to you to bond with someone whom you know instinctively that you can trust. You can choose to be open to the advice they give you, and to offer your own valuable perspective in exchange. It all depends on how you to look at it.

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